Kindergarten Curriculum


The Kindergarten curriculum includes the following subjects:

English (Literacy) Myanmar
Math (Numeracy) Chinese
Science Art, Music and Drama (The Arts)
Social Studies Physical and Health Education

The BC Primary curriculum places a strong emphasis on the children’s deeper understanding of concepts and their ability to use gained skills and processes to the facts and information they are learning. This helps to better assess the children’s overall development by acknowledging their overall understanding, ability to do, as well as what they are expected to know by the end of each grade.


Subject Assessment


The curriculum focuses on concept-based learning and the development of competencies, and engages students in authentic tasks that connect learning to the real world. The BC Primary Program has Performance Expectations and Formative Assessment for Literacy and Numeracy Foundations, and Criteria Categories and Criteria for each Subject Curriculum described in the BC performance standards. These are assessed each term and the complete list of Core and Curricular Competencies, and Content must be covered each year. To ensure students fully understand and can apply this knowledge the assessment is done in 2 year clusters.

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