It is my pleasure to welcome you all to Stanford Canadian International School. I would like to warmly introduce myself as the Head of Curriculum and Teacher Training.

Originally from England, I completed a joint honours degree at a London University before I moved to Myanmar in early 2017. I have since been whole heartedly integrated into school development and positive performance standards while specialising in English phonics, pronunciation and fluency in early years education.

Using my collective experience with project management and education I have designed a curriculum based upon British Columbian (BC) Curriculum Principles. Here at Stanford we prioritise students as individuals who each need careful, nurturing support to add nuance and sophistication in their everyday thinking and to encourage their natural curiosity, thus creating happier, strong thinking, mature young minds. Our performance standards require students to be taught a well-versed education while being able to distinguish between factual knowledge and conceptual understanding.

We aim to steer away from simple recall-based learning to a more demanding yet more rewarding cognitive process of creating new knowledge and personalised development. By giving our students the facts they need and then guiding them to their own conclusions, we nurture a mindset shift from simply ‘doing’ to ‘understanding’. This is a constantly evolving curriculum designed to foster a love of learning among our students.

I am thrilled to continue to help grow lifelong relationships between our students and Stanford while we prepare them for an exciting future.

Annie Bailey
Head of curriculum and Teacher Training

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